The Complete Shaving Package

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We aim to equip every man with responsible skincare rich in essential plant-based auxiliary benefits for good looks & long term optimum health. (SAVE 17% OFF RRP)


Prevent the common shaving concerns like dehydrated skin, redness, razor rashes and ingrown hairs with therapeutic plant oils. A nutritional diet for a man's face that’s against ageing issues and dull-looking skin.

Stop Using gels and foams! foams are super irritating because of their petrochemical base and provide little to no hydration for the skin. In fact, foams & gels often strip away hydration, removing the protection that plant-based oil products will provide.

Just because your grandpa used foam doesn't mean not foaming up makes you less of a man! We’re all nostalgic but some methods have to stay in old movies. Our routine is SIMPLE; mix a little hot water first on the face, a few drops of oil on your hands, rub and massage into the face. Shave accordingly.


  1. Pre-Shave FACE WASH

  2. exfoliating KONJAC SPONGE



There’s enough supply for 30 days of use, it’s 100% vegan and fully dermatologically tested in the UK and doesn’t have: Synthetic chemicals/parabens/alcohols / animal ingredients (or tested on animals) / PEGS / mineral oils/silicones / synthetic colours / plastic Microbeads / artificial fragrances.

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