The modern man seems to be in a constant tug of war! He has to be strong but delicate, butch but approachable, manly but sensitive.   

When you reach your 30's you start paying better attention to this kind of stuff; get better sleep (still be sociable though), get a proper workout (no more grunting like you're pretending to be a pro), drink more water (yet neck 6 pints when challenged). I tried to balance this equation by cutting down my smoking to 1 cigar a month, with a visit to the gym 3 times a week and still making time for a pub visit on Friday night (hold the bun on my burger! I'm cutting down on the carbs).

After making all these sensible decisions I suffered with dry skin, fatigue, rashes and puffy eyes. I realised if I stopped smoking completely it would obviously help (We all have vices that are too much to give up!) but something was still missing? For me it must have been something important.

I read online that nicotine patches work by the skin absorbing the properties of the patch into the blood stream. So, if that's how that works then just imagine putting on some shit shower gel or body cream every day, full of polluting chemicals and mumbo jumbo BS. Don't think that's good for you either! I called a family member (a dermatology expert) and asked a few questions. He told me what I should be doing, and for the pro organics, it's simply intaking plant and fruit ingredients high in antioxidants to fight the free radical damage I'm absorbing. I asked if we could make a range that has just that, like a nutritional diet but for your skin? That was 4 years ago. It turns out you can! So, I quit my job (working 70 hours a week for a company I cared little for anyway) and put my entire life savings into this company.

We want our customers not be afraid to make a change for the better. We make things easier to understand when it comes to skin care so you can make the smart choice! We talk to our customers in a common language, because I have no time for bullshit and nor do you! COOL CARTER will never follow popular opinion to fit in, we will not be intimidated to say the right thing even if it hurts us. We’re here to change the mens skin care landscape and cut the gibberish!

"There are enough products out there that smell nice and keep you clean with lots of made up ‘clinical’ words. We are not going to waste anyone’s time with another lod of malarkey! Thats why we're not full of crap like some other brands"
Jon, Founder of COOL CARTER.

So you decided to step up your morning routine. You heard all these petro-chemicals and alcohols in products are not good for you & decided to make a change for the better. You've googled the hell out of mens skin care and can't decide between 'results driven' or 'Clinically Proven' or the 'as featured' GQ £90 mosturiser from norway!

You hear certain plants and essential oils have great benefits for the body and your mum said neroli was really good for the skin, so you take a snoop online and find a cool brand with sandalwood stuff and think ‘great!’, my issues are solved. Ahh, hold on!

There are natural male skin care brands out there. However, the truth is a lot of them cut corners by glamourizing formulations with wonderful naturals but use lesser quality naturals that are ‘aromatherapy’ grade rather than ‘therapeutic’ grade, sometimes they put naturals in for the sake of it (what the hell are the benefits of black pepper for skin cells?). 

This can be down to pricing, heightening products smells (aromatherapy grade oils are more potent in smell than therapeutic grade), maybe it's down to manufacturing requirements or, quite frankly our favourite answer, is it could be for a load of BS!

Aromatherapy grade is the essence of the plant or fruit ingredient but it lacks the major auxiliary benefits. Mostly used for aroma candles, incense or mugging off Dave from Wolverhampton into buying a caffeine infused beard wash.

Therapeutic grade retains those auxiliary benefits. We use therapeutic grade and it’s a pain to work it but the benefits out way the production hassles.

They can also place such a tiny amount of benefiting ingredient in the bottle it's basically negligible. They can also put WAY too much in! Causing obscene reactions for most guys because someone put 11% tea tree in the formula because more is better! No it isn’t, Susan the kitchen chemist.  

Who can you trust? Trust us. We made Carter to really do something positive!  We’re on a mission to change the landscape of male skin care and act more responsibly.

We’re not perfect either. We’re a small 100% independent start up. We still use certain plastics because we have too to protect our delicate natural products. We’re not 100% biodegradable but we’re close. Most of us still drive petrol cars and we still need to make money (mainly for our founders expensive taste in  cigars). But, we’re conscious about our impacts. We care! Let’s achieve excellence together.


You can contact me directly for advice on a skin problem or what to use :