Another Natural, Vegan, Results Driven, Clinically Proven, Cruelty Free, Beard Taming, Lovely Jubbly, GQ featured Men's Skin Care Range. Or Just BS?

So you decided to go ‘o naturel’ with your morning routine. You heard petro-chemicals and alcohols are not good for you & have decided to make a change for the better. Good Job, mate!

You hear certain plants and essential oils have great benefits for the body and your mum said neroli was really good for the skin, so you take a snoop online and find a cool brand with sandalwood stuff and think ‘great!’, my issues are solved. Ahh, hold on!

There are natural male skin care brands out there. However, the truth is a lot of them cut corners by glamourizing formulations with wonderful naturals but use lesser quality naturals that are ‘aromatherapy’ grade rather than ‘therapeutic’ grade, sometimes they put naturals in for the sake of it (what the hell are the benefits of black pepper for skin cells?). 

This can be down to pricing, heightening products smells (aromatherapy grade oils are more potent in smell than therapeutic grade), maybe it's down to manufacturing requirements or, quite frankly our favourite answer, is it could be for a load of BS!

Aromatherapy grade is the essence of the plant or fruit ingredient but it lacks the major auxiliary benefits. Mostly used for aroma candles, incense or mugging off Dave from Wolverhampton into buying a caffeine infused beard wash. Therapeutic grade retains those auxiliary benefits. We use therapeutic grade and it’s a pain to work it but the benefits out way the production hassles.

They can also place such a tiny amount of benefiting ingredient in the bottle it's basically negligible. They can also put WAY too much in! Causing obscene reactions for most guys because someone put 11% tea tree in the formula because more is better! No it isn’t, Susan the kitchen chemist.  

Who can you trust? We’re very honest (so honest we’re waiting on the legal letters from other brand owners because of this article). We made Carter to really do something positive for you! We’re not mucking about. 

More men today are using unhealthy measures to achieve a desired look, without consideration for their long term health or the environment, from petroleum chemical products pumping into our oceans down the drains to extreme body dysmorphia destroying men’s body & soul. We’re on a mission to change the landscape of male skin care and act more responsibly.

We’re not perfect either. We’re a small 100% independent start up. We still use certain plastics because we have too to protect our delicate natural products. We’re not 100% biodegradable but we’re close. Most of us still drive petrol cars and we still need to make money (mainly for our founders expensive taste in coffee & cigars). But, we’re conscious about our impacts. We care! Let’s achieve excellence together.