Cyclists & Runners

No matter how strong your legs, how finely tuned your heart and lungs or how expensive your lightweight bike is, if your body starts to hurt your enthusiasm can plummet. Soreness and discomfort can easily ruin your fun! But, if you develop actual sores, you could be off training for a significant amount of time.

The classic saddle sore or runner chafing is either an infected hair follicle, known as folliculitis or a boil, known as a furuncle. Infected follicles tend to cause fairly small sores that clear up quickly but untreated boils can quickly reach terrifying proportions. It is often advised to use Emollient Cream but trust us, bloody well don’t! You need a natural anti-inflammatory and Amino Acid protein to rebuild the skin cells. You're also going to want to stop the chaffing from happening which is caused by bacteria growth so here’s our recommendations to always be in best condition.

We worked with a London cycling group and Londoner runners on the main issues long distance pedalists & runners have in common and our results were astonishing! Replacing their magnesium baths with the SPORTS BODY WASH and having next day recovery periods using the COOLING BODY BALM (especially when it came to reducing saddle soreness and groin rash problems) was a 100% success rate with a group of 11 mixed runners and bikers.


  • Run a bath with THE SPORTS BODY WASH – this will diminish inflammation and boost circulation. Have a shower before RUNNING OR CYCILING, you’ll feel great afterwards and this gives your immune system a boost in the morning.
  • Apply the body balm everyday– especially if you're shaving your legs! This will prevent razor rashes and keep the body moisturised. Plus, keep you protected from UVA damage (that’s the ageing radiation, not to be confused with UVB which is what burns the skin).

    All products are dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic.