Our mission is to do our bit to help prevent the world from becoming more artificial...even just from the bathroom cabinet or toiletry bag.

You probably know the brand already and realise we have a lot to say about the status quo of the modern world men now occupy. We’re a new independent start up. 1 owner, 1 dream. We still need to make money (mainly for our founders expensive taste in coffee & cigars). But, we’re conscious about our impacts and have great products to boot. We care!

We want your help in spreading the message and in these difficult times we want everyone to flourish, so we’ve started our COOL SUPPORTER PROGRAM. We’ll add you to our affiliation scheme. You’ll be provided with links and special discount codes. If one of your followers clicks the link and or uses the special discount codes to buy something… you’ll receive 25% commission of the order.

We’ll call you a COOL SUPPORTER of COOL CARTER. You can be as involved as you like. It’s really down to if you want to support us and our responsible mission. We don’t pay for ambassadors, instead we offer affiliate linking. If we make money, you make money! This only works if you believe in our brand and enjoy the products. If you're not a supporter then we suggest finding another company.  

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