Nature is pretty powerful. Many of you conjure up images of oils from nature with hippie, dippy aromatherapists, but in fact they have provided the bases of life changing medicines since the 19th century.  A lot of faith is placed in lab grown, man made efforts even though the basis of all research can be found growing from the ground.

So we use plants. From sustainable growers. At therapeutic grade (higher graded & unadulterated…not the cheap stuff you get in the health food shop). At a therapeutic level they have an abundance of antioxidants and amino acid protein. Some even have auxiliary benefits such as anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory auxiliary benefits.

We’re not brewing potions in kitchen sinks, We produce all our products with molecular science to combine the best plants together to create short & long term benefits. Research conducted by Birmingham university & the institute of translational medicine.

Undiluted plant ingredients are better for your health as you avoid nasty, dirty ingredients like Petro-chemicals, Parabens Alcohols, Animal Ingredients, Pegs, Mineral Oils, Silicones, Synthetic colours, Plastic Microbeads, Artificial Fragrances or perfumes.

We also don’t use any mass produced ingredients like palm oil, which is over farmed and endangers local wildlife population. Because it's all plants, it's 100% vegan - if you're into that kind of thing!

All The Packaging We Send To Post Your Orders Is Bio-Degradable, Made With A Combination Of Salts & Organically Derived Gums, The Salts Radically Speed Up The Degradation Process By Turning The Material Into Tiny Chained Organic Chemicals, Which Are Biodegraded By Bacteria In The Air.