Beard Grooming Tips

It’s a tough business maintaining a well-groomed beard. What’s the key, we hear you ask? Chances are you’re going to need a little sculpting here and there. A little on the cheeks & a little on the neck depending on the kind of look you’re going for.

  • Do: If you want to sculpt super-close, there’s no alternative to using a straight razor.
  • Don’t: treat shaving like a race and end up with nicks. Take the few extra seconds and always go with the grain. Here is our Best guide for beard maintenance...


Facial hair should be washed regularly with the correct product. Using regular shampoo on your facial hair will ultimately leave it looking dull and lifeless as regular shampoo contains chemicals which strip the natural oils from your scalp and hair.


It is important to remember to keep both your beard and the skin beneath it hydrated. To moisturise your beard, use our oil and balm combo. This will give you the hold of a light wax coupled with the conditioning agents of an oil.


Regularly combing your beard stimulates the blood flow to the beard follicles and encourages healthy growth, it also distributes the natural oils along the hair shaft, improving condition. Combing your beard after applying oil and balm will reduce friction, prevent pulling and minimise hair breakage. Also think about a hand brush as well!


If you are confident enough to trim and maintain your beard at home, invest in the right equipment. But if you feel the pressure of going too far with the trim then regular trips to your local barber (every four to six weeks) will be essential.