• Essential Beard & Hair Shampoo 300ml
  • Essential Beard & Hair Shampoo 300ml
  • Essential Beard & Hair Shampoo 300ml

Essential Beard & Hair Shampoo 300ml

Straighten up, look sharp!

How it works?

Our shampoo is a hair and beard shampoo combined because quality hair growth works the same on your head as it does on your face (just at a slightly different density) and you should treat it the same way.

The shampoo is refreshing, invigorating & naturally top notch for cleansing your hair follicles. Dry scalp issues vanish! Thanks to the Vital Oils in the shampoo that clarify the skin on the scalp to stop dandruff (which is basically flaky skin coming off lads!) and encourages healthy hair growth at the same time meaning for a fuller, richer beard.

Whats it made of?

It’s got pure Grapefruit. We literally squeezed a dozen grapefruits into the bottle… that’s BS, we didn’t do that! Someone put them in a special machine and turned them into a oil. But, that’s still 100% naturally good for you! We added unadulterated Passion Flower and Neroli because they’re bursting with vitamin A & C, as well as EFAs to stimulate hair that even ZEUS would appreciate! The 100% natural formula provides overall stronger hair and leaves the hair feeling soft like butter and shiny like a movie star.

Doesnt have?

Synthetic chemicals / parabens / alcohols / animal ingredients (or tested on animals) / PEGS / mineral oils / silicones / synthetic colours / plastic microbead / artificial fragrances.