image is everything, right? How good looking are you? How much do you bench? You gotta have the latest kicks, bro? jump on YOU-TUBE and some ‘mr perfect’ is giving me some bullshit advice on fitness with his shirt off and body oil covering his shoulders. Its a paid advert trying to make me feel guilty and passing on the overbearing responsibility to start training ‘abs’. That will be “$49,95 you lazy ass” you know what…fuck you.

where ever you go, whatever you do, someone wants to tell you how to be a man. If I buy his plan I will have perfect abs and the admiration of everyone I meet. What a provocative and attractive statement! I’m pretty much sold. But we all know…its absolute bullshit. There’s no quick fixes…there’s no such thing as miracle products! And I’m not buying into it anymore.

I know there is guys out there who are thinking the same thing and we know better. We’re called ‘self-educated’, we take our time, study, learn, adapt, evolve. A man who won’t cave into his insecurities, who will listen to common sense and make his own judgement. The kind of guy who strives to be a better man, smarter man, who knows male perfection is impossible and let the idiots buy the bullshit.Hold on! Right now, as you read my honest words of wisdom about life and man you may begin to recall that this is another brand trying to sell you the idea that if you buy our products we will make you perfect! But I’m not selling perfect! I’m preaching trust!

The 1 thing I can do, which no adobe photoshop model can do, is make you look better and feel better. Genuinely! simply giving you a better designed moisturiser! Our skin is the first in line to take the hit. Everything affects it; diet, stress, the products you use, the exercises you do. It’s our frontline and all the troops are fighting tooth and nail to keep the machine going whilst taking the heat from air-conditioned offices and that dodgy curry from the night before.

Most of us neglect it and that needs to stop. Now, you could go to your local supermarket and just buy the cheapest range on the market. It does the job, right? Or does it? It’s cheap for a reason! So, the logic decision is to buy the most expensive product on the shelf, because the most expensive should be the best? Sensible conclusion, but remember we’re better than that! Most of the high end products have the same crap content as the rest of them, just a nicer bottle and a cooler name. ‘but ryan gosling uses it!’ well good for him and his bank balance. Now some ranges sprinkle some beneficial ingredients in to make the product sound really effective, but that’s like buying a skoda and putting a Ferrari gear stick in the car. It looks better! feels nice as well…but it does nothing to benefit the performance.

For years i suffered with skin problems, always looking for solutions but never finding a long time one. It ticked me off that i never found a product which matched the nutritional benefits you can get for your muscles for post-training in the same as you should find for your skin. Bouncing around products that weren’t working for me i started developing Mr Carters Essentials.It took 4 years, life’s saving, a house, a relationship and a career for it. It had to have natural sources of proteins, vitamins & Antioxidants, solving a common problem among the locker room chatter. It had to be functional (who wants complication in the bathroom) and it had to hold up to some principles….because I’m pretty fed up of being ripped off, aren’t you!?

But who’s Mr Carter? No one. He’s a character, an inspiration if need be. He’s all of us in a way. Your favourite sportsman, your favourite movie star, your idol…but really just a better you! Mr Carter is our honest selves, who we know deep down has the ability to deliver greatness. He’s that guy in your head telling you to be at least a little extraordinary every day. Now the question is…will you buy my bullshit?”

Jonathan R Hamilton,

Managing Director of Mr Carter’s Essentials

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