Can you stop looking old?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if all anti-ageing skin care worked!

Let’s see what the experts say.

What makes skin age?
When asked ‘what are your major findings in the field of skin ageing?’, Prof Dr Jean Krutmann at Düsseldorf University said that “not only does UV cause skin ageing but also air pollution is a major contributor. We recently proved that exposure of human skin to traffic-related diesel soot causes skin hyperpigmentation because the soot stimulated melanin synthesis.” Dr De-Gray of the Biological Intelligence Unit of Cambridge University also found that such heavy metals cause cell mutations (such as cancer) and the speeding up of cell decay which in turn, causes skin ageing.

Why does the exposure to ultraviolet lead to skin ageing?
Photoaging of human skin by UVA is mainly driven by macromolecular damage to dermal fibroblasts. Accumulation of such damage causes a senescent phenotype which alters their secretome (e.g. they secrete more MMP-1 and many other proteins). This causes structural changes at both the tissue (dermis, epidermis and subcutis) and organ level which was clinically perceived as aged skin.

More and more studies focus not only on the effects of pollution on health in general but the effects on the skin. They provide evidence that air pollution has negative and harmful effects on human skin. Especially in city dwellers, increased pollution causes cells to react with inflammation.

So, what stops all this daily damage?

We spoke to a Bio-gerontologist who said that the anti-pollution effects of certain plant oils have the potential to protect the skin from the external aggressors of UVA & Pollution. This is achieved by the daily use of them before going out and applying makeup which can be full of particles which are damaging in themselves. Also using them at night to repair any damage to cells fibres or collagen.

What makes MR CARTER different?

Our products are only made from plant extracts and we provide an oil and cream combo to use daily. This firstly acts as a huge neutraliser to UVA from the sun, then by applying the cream on top which is in the kits, this locks the oil in giving a matt finish for makeup and also a protective layer of vitamin rich nourishing botanicals which containvitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, C, D, E, magnesium, copper, iron, amino acids, sterols, pantothenic acid, lecithin and folic acid, all of which contribute to increase collagen in the skin. Vitamin A – Retinol – rejuvenates and nourishes the complexion and Vitamin E aids skin regeneration. They are also rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and premature ageing prevention minerals like omegas, proteins and beta-carotene, which research has proved slow damage to cells. Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) helps to strengthen the skin’s supporting collagen fibres and is also an excellent skin moisturiser, particularly for dry skin. Then we bring in Essential Oils, which bring order to cells and tissue, dispelling bacteria, infection and stimulating repair with absolutely no synthetics or petrol chemicals. This combo puts a barrier between you and the chemicals in makeup and air bound pollution.

No other Men's skincare on today’s market gives you this intensity of protection. In fact, the majority of creams, serums and lotions are made with the very harsh chemicals, most of which are shown to increase irritation and the cell ageing process. That is why at the age of 40, suddenly things start changing dramatically and people see fine lines and wrinkles become more apparent and more and more cases of skin cancers are reported from this age onwards.

The problems are within the creams and serums you may have used in the past, hardly any have anything in them to do reverse ageing and offer what our oils do. Those of the mass market items that can help with this, the molecules are so big in the cream it’s not going anywhere other than the surface and they need to go into the skin.

But the good news is a recovery is possible by using such products. It’s like changing to a healthy diet; you will feel, see and experience changes to your skin.

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