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  • Environment, bro! Do Your Part.

    If we all stopped endorsing pollutant products, we would all be doing our part to clean out our oceans.We’ve been saying it for years but finally it seems to be catching on now. January 2018 finally saw the banning of microbeads in rinse off cosmetics, including shower gels, soaps & face wash. At the time, those little balls of micro-plastics [...] View Post
  • Functional Medicine could change your life.

    We’ve all heard of conventional medicine (visiting your doctor, getting a prescription, going to the hospital, MRI scans & having tests done etc etc) but have you heard of functional medicine?We found a brilliant article by Chris Kesser that explains it all perfectly in depth but in brief, Functional Medicine is one that promotes [...] View Post
  • Does Testosterone dictate how manly you are?

    We may be in a new decade, but we are far from eradicating gender stereotypes. Is testosterone a true measure of manliness? For decades, and we mean decades, the hormone has been sold to us all as the key to strength, fortitude and masculinity. But do your t-levels really dictate what kind of man... View Post
  • Carbs vs No Carbs

    A no-carb diet is an extreme version of low-carb dieting. It eliminates almost all carbs, including whole grains, fruits, and most vegetables. While studies show that decreasing your carb intake can help you shed pounds and may have health benefits, eliminating carbs completely is highly restrict... View Post
  • Flexibility vs Mobility

    In one big fat nut-shell: Flexibility: your ability to be moved or bent Mobility: Your ability to move or bend Consider your hip as an example, or someone else’s if that gets your imagination flowing, flexibility of the hip into extension means how far the joint can move into extension via an ext... View Post
  • Are Diet Pills Really Worth The Risk?

    Weight loss take dedication, hard work & some serious will power. Our weight loss wishes peak around key events in our lives and summertime so more often than we’d like, people start researching diet pills for help. One person you may speak too will swear by them and another will tell you the... View Post

FREE ANTI-VIRAL Body Wash During Coronavirus Pandemic!

During these uncertain times, we are a small business and want to offer you all what we can. We're offering a Free body wash to everyone who orders 1 item or more until the 3rd april. Simply add the body wash to your basket and at checkout it will deduct the price off your order.