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  • How Most Vitamins Are Actually A Waste of Money

    12 PILLS A DAY DOESN'T KEEP THE DOCTOR AWAY! Vitamins are booming! A crop of new start-ups have made it on to the Holland & Barrett aisle and dare we say it, it’s a cool thing: from monthly shipments of beautiful multi-coloured capsules to sleekly packaged gummies…its big business! Beyond... View Post
  • Gym etiquette: THE RULES!

    Remember the first time you stepped foot into a weight room? Jacked guys threw around heavy barbells, hip-hop music bellowed from the speakers, everyone grunted and strutting. You might have been utterly terrified.  Navigating the chaos of a gym as a beginner isn't easy. You might have questions:... View Post
  • Body Dysmorphia

    “Woman have body dysmorphia”, I overheard at the gym. “That is why they’re obsessed with how they look”, whilst he posed in the mirror with a front double bicep. He wasn’t a professional bodybuilder. He was a bloke, Monday was bench, Wednesday was back and triceps kind of guy. Friday night drinks at the pub. Probably a mate of [...] View Post